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Passion for Mobile Solutions design

I am a passionate technology entrepreneur with a die-hard positive attitude that can not stay still. As technology either, we make a good team.

I am confident about the great potential of Smart Cards technologies for the development of new Value Added Services (VAS) related to Social Networks (Web 2.0), Mobile Marketing, Location Based Services (LBS), Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Near Field Communication (NFC) applications like Mobile Payment, Transportation Tickets, Identity, Loyalty Cards, Access Control Badges and many other contactless services.

In 2009 I founded MOVASIM, focused on delivering Smart Cards Solutions for the Telecommunication, Identity and Payment Mass Markets.

Thinking on the Latin American Market, we design our Value Added Solutions to support High Transactional Traffic with reduced Hardware requirements; minimum Third-Party Licensing costs; flexibility to Integrate with existing Platforms; Interoperable with all Smart Cards in the market and Licensing Models that go along with our Customers Businesses.

Currently MOVASIM has installed Solutions in numerous Latin American Customers (see Customers), as well as alliances with major companies such as MORPHO, VALID and Giesecke & Devrient (see Partners).

From GuillermoDiDonato.com I do consulting for companies in areas like Mobile Solutions Design and Marketing. For me this is an open and enriching channel to collaborate with new people in special projects.

In 2008, and for over four years, I worked as "Solutions Marketing & Sales Manager, Market Segment MNOs" for Giesecke & Devrient (G&D), a World leading company in Security for Banknotes, Security Documents, and Smart Card Solutions for Telecommunication and Payment. In 2009, Giesecke & Devrient acquired SmartTrust, the globally provider of Server Solutions for managing applications on SIM Cards (OTA) and Mobile Phones (Device Management). From my position I promoted Solutions and Services for the Latin American Market, in collaboration with G&D offices in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Tlalnepantla (Mexico).

Previously I worked in GEMALTO as a Solutions Manager Coordinator for the South Cone (Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia) leading a team of professionals focused on promoting Software Solutions and Value Added Services (SVA) for GSM Mobile Telecom Operators.

I participated in a large number of projects for almost all Mobile Operators in the region, integrating Corporate Platforms into 2G and 3G networks, with services like SIM Card Agenda Backup (ADN), Remote Update Campaigns (OTA), SIM Browsing Services (S@T), Dynamic SIM Toolkit Administration (DSTK) and Handset configuration Campaigns (Device Management).

In addition to projects with Corporate Service Platforms, I designed and implemented a number of solutions customized to the needs of many Mobile Operators in the region. Among them, one that let Operators offer customized Mobile Contents (Ringtones and Wallpapers) to its subscribers according to their handset capabilities, easing the SIM Browsing content download process for the final user; and another one that allowed Mobile Operators to launch a new Value Added Service to their entire subscribers installed base (millions of subscribers) by downloading Over-The-Air (OTA) a small SIM Card application.
Some of these solutions were later on included in the company Corporate Solutions Portfolio.

GEMALTO was born in 2006 from AXALTO and GEMPLUS merge. Prior to the merger I worked at GEMPLUS as Solutions Manager for Latin America South, promoting Solutions and Services based on SIM Card technology. During this period we won a lot of deals, positioning GEMPLUS as the regional leader in SIM Card based Solutions and Services.
In 2005, I was distinguished with the award “Best GEMPLUS employee of Latin America".

Prior to joining GEMPLUS, and along with my Engineering Thesis director from Universidad Nacional de La Plata (UNLP), we created a Technology Startup focused on Software applications for small and medium size companies. Finally it didn’t take off, but I learned A LOT and we really had fun! I will always remember this nice Startup, full of adrenaline, knowledge, challenges, achievements and friendship.

Previously I worked in ERICSSON Canada as a Software Engineer in the TDMA Development and Support Radio Department, and in DUPONT Argentina as an Electronic Technician within their Instrumentation and Electric Maintenance Team, thanks to a scholarship given to me by DUPONT when finishing my Secondary School.

I run my Blog (http://Blog.GuillermoDiDonato.com/), where I write about Technology, Telecommunications, Mobile Value Added Services, Social Networks, Mobile Marketing and in general about the art of transforming raw technologies into appealing and easy to use services.

In my free time I enjoy reading books and blogs, the outdoors, Windsurfing and sharing good times with good friends and family.

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